Veg Conservas (Antipasti) Bundle $69.37

Make the best antipasti platter imaginable, or work your way through conserved vegetable treats over time! This bundle includes white asparagus and piquillo peppers from Spain, mixed olives with herbs, grilled artichokes, mixed grilled veggies, and amazing caperberries in prosecco from Italy. Full retail for these items if purchased individually would be $74.29 -- plus shipping from different stores. Save today with this specially curated bundle.

In this bundle:

  *  La Catedral de Navarra White Asparagus
  *  La Catedral de Navarra Organic Piquillo Peppers
  *  Casina Rossa Caperberries in Prosecco
  *  Casina Rossa Mixed Olives with Herbs
  *  Antica Valle d'Ofanto Grilled Artichokes in OIl
  *  Casina Rossa Antipasto della Casa

You could head in a bunch of different directions here. We suggest a lighter red, or for a sparkling note, maybe even a dry lambrusco.

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