Searzall "Seasoned Pro" Limited Edition Holiday Box $85.00

We're excited to partner with our friends Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez of Booker and Dax to offer your go-to holiday gift box for 2020. Whether you keep this gift to yourself or share with a loved one, you won't go wrong.

We're bringing together 4 warm-weather Ben to Table favorites on the food side, along with one of Dave and Nastassia's signature inventions, the Searzall, plus a truly delightful, limited-edition cartoon booklet of the Booker and Dax Bionic Bird Cooking Technique hand drawn by Nastassia.

Please note: This bundle does NOT include the Searzall unit itself. Rather, it includes replacement screens for the Searzall. You can order the bundle that includes the full unit here. If you'd like to include a custom gift letter, please include your message in the "notes" section.

We will begin taking orders for these bundles the week of November 16, 2020. Orders placed that week will ship by Monday, November 23, and orders placed after that will ship 1-2 business days after the order is placed.

All orders will ship via USPS Priority mail to anywhere in the US (including APO/FPO addresses), but cannot ship outside the US. Orders placed by December 15, 2020, should be delivered before December 25, 2020. Orders placed after that date may or may not arrive before the 25th.

There are two versions of this limited-edition box.

The "Seasoned Pro" box is for those seasoned users who already have a Searzall -- it comes with replacement screens and a limited-edition, Bionic Bird cartoon booklet.

On the food side, you'll get four of Ben's favorites, specially selected for cold-weather cooking:

  *  1 Lb Bag of Rancho Gordo Heirloom Beans (possibly the Ayacote Morados pictured above, or possibly another variety)
  *  1.5 Lb Bag of Geechie Boy Mill Heirloom Grits (possible the Blue Grits shown above, or possibly another variety)
  *  Italian Culinary Mixed Herb Powder: A hand-harvested and ground blend of rosemary, bay leaf, thyme, oregano, and sage is from Michele Ferrante, a one-of-a-kind grower of Italian heritage products in Campania. Perfect for stuffing.
  *  Villa Jerada’s Harissa No. 1: The harissa from Villa Jerada is a wonderful spread with a bit of a kick that can transform anything from an egg on toast to a stew.

For the bundle that include the Searzall itself, along with a signed copy of the Bionic Bird Cooking Technique, head here.

Note: Geechie Boy Mill is in the process of changing its name to Marsh Hen Mill

Booker and Dax is a food science development company dedicated to inventing culinary products of the highest quality. Their Searzall® blowtorch attachment is an attachment secured to the top of a blowtorch to create the perfect searing temperature without the off-putting aromas that typically result when cooking with blowtorches.

By forcing the thin flame of the blowtorch through two layers of fine, high-temperature-resistant wire mesh, it produces a consistent, evenly spread flame that provides a professional quality finish to meats and other food items.

This bundle does NOT include a Searzall; rather, this is for folks who already have a Searzall, and my want some replacement screens. For a bundle that include the Searzall itself, head here.

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