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Provisions Box $89.99

Box basics

This special, one-off box is designed for folks trying to stock up on the most space efficient pantry staples around—while remaining committed to taste and sustainability.

We've packed an incredible assortment of nutrient-dense, delicious dry goods into a single box, along with a craft chocolate bar to make sure you can still have a bit of fun.

This box contains a total of 11 different packages of staples -- from a single-meal portion of dried pasta to bags of grits and beans that provide 10-15 servings each. This box contains items that may have been prepared in facilities that also handle milk, wheat, eggs, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts.

What you get

Your Provisions Box may not contain *exactly* what's pictured, but if not then it'll be close. Here's what you're guaranteed to receive:

  *  3 different 1 pound bags of heirloom beans from Rancho Gordo
  *  2 different 1.5 lb bags of grits, cornmeal or corn-based mixes from Geechie Boy Mill
  *  A 1.5 lb bag of Farro Piccolo from Geechie Boy Mill
  *  Organic torchiette pasta from Community Grains
  *  Gnocchi from Farabella
  *  Organic garginelli from Northern Farmhouse Pasta
  *  A 4th package of pasta, from Community Grains, either pipe rigate or a 2nd box of the torchiette
  *  A bag of grains, like Carolina Gold Rice from Geechie Boy Mill, Rye Berries from Maine Grains, or Wild Rice from Rancho Gordo
  *  A full-size craft chocolate bar like the one from Cacao Sampaka pictured (though potentially a different bar as supplies run out)

What to do

All the items in this box can be prepared according to the instructions in our "How to" and "What to do with" guides. Specifically:

  *  How to Cook: Grits
  *  How to Cook: Grains
  *  How to Cook: Beans
  *  What to do with: Essentials Boxes 1, 2, and 3.


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