Most revelatory conservas $78.99

These four tins are the items we stock that most often surprise and delight people with their combination of uniqueness and deliciousness.

Sturgeon packed in oil and left to meld into an unbelievable combination. Squids in their own ink. Tuna belly that practically melts in your mouth, and razor clams that are just unlike anything we normally find in the US (except for the rare places that actually have fresh razor clams!).

Plus, when you order the bundle, you'll get a bottle of Espinaler Spicy Sauce—the perfect blend of mignonette and hot sauce in a single bottle.

In this bundle:

  *  Conservas de Cambados Razor Clams in Brine
  *  Espinaler Bonito Ventresca (Tuna Belly) - Premium Line
  *  El Capricho Esturion (Sturgeon) in Olive Oil
  *  Ramón Peña squid in ink (chipirones en su tinta)
  *  Espinaler Spicy Sauce

The flavors in this bundle are quite varied—Ben recommends a dry cava or sparkling rosé as a versatile accompaniment.

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