Briney Bundle of Clams and Cockles $97.99

Get all five of our briney bivalves—razor clams (x2!), cockles (x2!), and regular clams, all beautifully tinned in briney seawater. The closest thing you can get to a Spanish seaside without hopping on a plane.

Plus, when you order the bundle, you'll get a bottle of Espinaler Spicy Sauce—the perfect blend of mignonette and hot sauce in a single bottle.

In this bundle:

  *  Conservas de Cambados Razor Shells in Brine 4/6
  *  Espinaler Cockles (berberechos) 25/30 - Premium Line
  *  Conservas de Cambados Clams in Brine
  *  Conservas de Cambados Cockles in Brine
  *  Espinaler Razor Clams in Brine
  *  Espinaler Spicy Sauce

Pair with a light and acidic wine—you don’t want to lose the delicate flavor of these with oak and butter. We recommend a crisp Chablis or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

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