We are very excited to be able to bring you amazing ingredients from small producers of finely crafted foods from around the world. These are just a few of the brands you might see from month-to-month. Ben to Table is committed to sourcing from small producers making delicious products for you to cook and taste.

Rancho Gordo, based in Napa, California, is a pioneer in bringing heirloom strains of beans into restaurant and consumer kitchens. Ben got to know them when he was living in San Francisco, and it was love at first sight. Rancho Gordo works directly with growers to source amazing, gorgeous, heirloom beans from around the world, including amazing initiatives like their Rancho Gordo-Xoxoc Project.

Rancho Gordo has had a boatload of media accolades, including a fascinating long article in the New Yorker, and their beans are in use at a number of top restaurants, including Nopalito in San Francisco, one of Ben's favorites.

In addition to the beans, Rancho Gordo has delicious grains like spelt, hominy, and wild rice, and absolutely delicious hot sauces. You might see some of those soon.

Geechie Boy Mill, in Edisto Island, South Carolina, is one of the producers at the vanguard of bringing back heirloom corn varietals that can be turned into beautiful, flavorful grits, polenta, meal, and flour -- along with other staple crops that used to grow on the Carolina coast like gold rice, farro, and sea island red peas (we'll be sure to put the peas and rice together in a box at some point so you can make hoppin' john). They've also got some amazing hot pickled okra and FROG (figs, raspberry, orange, and ginger) jam.

Ben first read about Geechie Boy in the book Grits by Erin Byers Murray, and has enjoyed cooking with and eating the products that Greg and Betsy Johnsman put out. Geechie Boy grits are used at top restaurants across the country -- from Sean Brock at Husk to JuneBaby in Seattle.

Villa Jerada, in Seattle, Washington makes wonderful items from Morocco and the wider Levant region. We first encountered (and were blown away by) their Harissa, and hope to feature more of their products in the future.


Community Grains, based in Berkeley, California, produces delicious, truly whole grain products like pasta and flour. Their "Identity preserved" tracking system lets you know exactly where the grain in your product comes from, including how it was grown and processed.

Matíz España works exclusively with traditional family manufacturers in Spain to bring delicious products from one of our famous food cultures in the world.

Las Hermanas is one of the longstanding family businesses that produce Pimentón de la Vera, under the De La Vera Designation of Origin. They started production more than 60 years ago, and remain committed to providing an amazing product. Ben found Las Hermanas at a market in San Sebastián in 2018 and has sought it out ever since.

Currently, we're stocking canned fish from four different artisanal producers. They are:

Conservas De Cambados was founded in 1985, situated on the Rias de Arousa estuary, the largest of the five Rias Baixas in Galicia. All products are sourced through local fishing cooperatives, and each tin is packed by hand.

Espinaler was started in 1896, in Barcelona as a tavern, and have been harvesting and preserving top-quality Galician seafood since the 1970's.

Ramón Peña dates from 1920, with a renewed focus in the last few years on maintaining a truly premium product. Opening their cans reveals a work of art.

Les Mouettes D'Arvor have been producing since 1959, now in the third generation of the Gonidec family. Their sardines come straight from fishers on day boats off the coast of Brittany.