Ben to Table is a personal styling service for your pantry. We deliver delicious food grown in sustainable and responsible ways. 

We believe in a global food system that combines fairness, health and environmental care. Ben Simon has traveled the world to bring that vision to reality: The result is Ben to Table.

Ben’s an insatiable eater and cook, and a decade-long veteran of international environmental and human rights campaigns, including with Greenpeace. Now, he’s taking his passion for social and environmental justice to your dinner table. 

What's the environmental angle?

The global food system is dominated by an industrial approach favoring destructive agriculture practices: homogenization of crop species (monocultural growth), use/overuse of chemical pesticides and fertilizers, factory farming of livestock, consolidation of profits in the hands of international conglomerates instead of farmers, and deforestation to accommodate it all.

The producers we seek to elevate and bring directly to as many homes as possible stand on the other side of that system: Growing in a biodiverse way, in harmony with surrounding ecosystems, harvesting sustainably, and paid fairly. We stand with them, and we seek to help them grow.

This is a different vision of "sustainability" than a "food miles" type of approach. We believe that in the fight to shift our global systems, *how* and with *what intent* your food is made matters more than how close to you it was produced (though both can be even better!).

What is Ben To Table?

We provide three distinct services:

  1. Periodic offers, via email to list subscribers, of particularly delicious, hard to find items, vetted by Ben. Sign up for email in the footer to make sure you don't miss out!
  2. Gift boxes including conservas bundles, our gourmet pantry jumpstart, and more.
  3. Corporate gifting, including bulk orders and white-label options.

Who is Ben?

Ben Simon founded Ben to Table in 2019, after more than a decade working internationally on environmental and human rights campaigns -- including on sustainable agriculture campaigns with Greenpeace International.

A lifelong food-lover and avid home cook himself, Ben's work has taken him around the world, and he's always focused on experiencing places and cultures through food. 

He wanted to do more to connect home cooks with the kind of products he’d like to see more and more people using -- for the sake of both their palates and local, regional, and global food system(s).

He lives in New Haven, CT, with his wife, two kids, and a dog.

More questions? Check out our FAQ page.

Below: a photo of Ben in his element.

Ben in his element