Tinned seafood

The art of conserving seafood in tin cans, after being freshly caught and prepared, is truly one of Spain's most fantastic exports. If you haven't experienced true conservas before, you're in for a real treat.

The tinned seafood we're bringing you is completely unlike the canned tuna or sardines you're probably used to. And while that's true of nearly all Spanish conservas, this is the tastiest, most unusual canned seafood we can find, straight from the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. With options like navajas (razor clams), chipirones rellenos en su tinta (squid in its own ink), pulpo en aceite (octopus in oil), zamburiñas guisadas (scallops in Galician sauce) and more, you can just open the can and wow yourself and your friends with the best hors d'oeuvres around.

Briney Bundle of Clams and Cockles
$97.99 $102.95
Starter pack: Six Varied Conservas
$92.99 $97.93
Most revelatory conservas
$78.99 $81.96
Fish Bundle (No Shellfish)
$72.99 $76.46
Easy serve bundle
$71.99 $75.94
Budget-friendly starter bundle
$49.99 $53.44