Fish Bundle (No Shellfish) $72.99

For those who don't enjoy (or can't eat) shellfish, these are four tins of incredible finned fish. 3 are just phenomenally unctuous, packed in oil—sturgeon, ventresca (tuna belly), and branzino. And the plump sardines are packed in butter and sea salt, ready to be popped into a pan.

Plus, when you order the bundle, you'll get a bottle of Espinaler Spicy Sauce—the perfect blend of mignonette and hot sauce in a single bottle.

In this bundle:

  *  El Capricho Esturion (Sturgeon) in Olive Oil
  *  Espinaler Bonito Ventresca (Tuna Belly) - Premium Line
  *  Iasa Grilled Branzino in Oil
  *  Les Mouettes d’Arvor Sardines with Butter & Sea Salt from Guerande
  *  Espinaler Spicy Sauce

These would go well with a classic Muscadet, or a Grüner Veltliner.

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