Budget-friendly starter bundle $49.99

This bundle is filled with the tinned seafood that we most often hear is easiest for newbies to get into, and is friendliest on the wallet—without losing anything in flavor.

Featuring two different takes on Galician mussels, scallops in sauce, sardines with sea salt and butter, and a simple grilled fish in oil (branzino), there'll be something for everyone (who eats seafood).

Plus, when you order the bundle, you'll get a bottle of Espinaler Spicy Sauce. It's the perfect blend of mignonette and hot sauce in a single bottle.

In this bundle:

  *  Conservas De Cambados Mussels in Marinade
  *  Espinaler Mussels in Escabeche
  *  Iasa Grilled Branzino in Oil
  *  Ramón Peña Small Scallops in Sauce *Silver Line*
  *  Les Mouettes D'Arvor sardines with butter and sea salt
  *  Espinaler Spicy Sauce

The saucy tins are so full of flavor they can stand up to a bright red wine. Think Beaujolais or a nice Chinon and enjoy the magic that is appropriate red wine with great seafood.

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