Basque Paque: Everything you need for a Pintxo experience at home $67.87

You're probably not traveling this summer like you might have hoped, so now you can bring the Spanish Basque country to your backyard with the new "Basque Paque" bundle (get it? Dad joke central over here).

Featuring 3 fish that are new to Ben to Table, along with 3 conserved veggies, you'll be able to easily create all sorts of amazing pintxos (Basque tapas) in different combinations, like the Pintxo de bacalao y pimiento del piquillo (cod with piquillo peppers) pictured, gildas (anchovy, olive, and piparra pepper on a toothpick), pimientos del piquillo rellenos de atún (tuna stuffed in a piquillo pepper), and many more.

In this bundle:

  *  Jose Gourmet Codfish in Olive Oil with Garlic
  *  Olosagasti Yellowfin Tuna in Oil
  *  Rizzoli Anchovies in Oil
  *  La Catedral de Navarra Piquillo Peppers
  *  Aceitunas Losada Aloreña Olives
  *  Matíz Piparras

Your best bet here will be Txakoli, of course! Get some Ametzoi if you can find it. Or a dry, Basque cider.

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Amazing tastes of home!

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