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Delicacies Subscription: Plant-Based $59.99

Subscription basics

Ben's travels have taken him all over the world. From truly memorable smoked pimentón in San Sebastián to huitlacoche (aka: Mexican truffles) on a huarache in Mexico City, he's constantly had his eye on the best ingredients to bring home.

Now, Ben's bringing his favorites directly to your pantry with the monthly Plant-Based Delicacies Box.

Each month will feature 5-7 unique and delicious ingredients based on a geographic theme, along with recipes, pairing advice, and other tips to get the most from your box.

Each box will come with a new set of ingredients focusing on a different place in the world—complete with tips, tricks, and a bit of insight into how to best enjoy each item.

If you order a recurring subscription, your first box will ship within 3 weeks (usually less) of your initial order. Your second charge will occur on the 15th of the month after your first order. So if you order on January 20th, you should receive your first box by the 1st or 2nd week of February. You'll be charged for your second box on February 15th, and should receive it by the end of February.

If your first order is on February 1st, you should receive your first box in mid-February. You'll be charged for your second box on March 15th, and should receive it by the end of March.

You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

This subscription includes items that may have been prepared in facilities that also handle milk, wheat, eggs, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts.

Your first box

Here's what you will receive in total your first month:

  *  Pimentón dulce from Las Hermanas
  *  Piparras from Matíz
  *  Ali i oli from Matíz
  *  Harissa from Villa Jerada
  *  Pimentón picante from Las Hermanas
  *  Romesco from Matíz
  *  Chocolate from Blanxart

Prefer the occasional item with seafood or meat? You can order that here.

Additional boxes

And here's what was in the May 2020 Plant-Based Delicacies Box, focusing on Thailand and Cambodia:

  *  Organic Sriracha from Kitchen Garden Farm in Western M.
  *  Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from Georgetown Pantry Supply
  *  Tuk Meric Kampot Pepper Sauce from Angkor Food⁠
  *  Buffalo Ginger from Burlap and Barrel⁠
  *  Powdered Galangal from Angkor Food⁠
  *  Makrut (Kaffir) Lime Flakes from Angkor Food⁠.

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