Taste of Ashkenasi (Jewish) Cuisine $69.75

"Ashkenazi" refers generally to Eastern and Central European Jews -- and their cooking accordingly spans the cuisines of most of Eastern and Central Europe -- roughly from Germany to Russia traveling East-West (though there's a lot of Ashkenazi influences in France, too). 

It's Ben's entire family history – Jews who came over around the turn of the 20th century from Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and Romania, and mostly settled in Philly. It’s what his grandmother would cook if she were still in cooking shape, and it’s the food that evokes his most sentimental childhood memories. 

And, too often, it’s food that gets stereotyped as unsophisticated and low quality. Ben believes that food from these traditions can and should be considered gourmet cuisine, by layering in flavors and using top-notch ingredients, and this box is the perfect start for that. 

This is perfect as a gift or for the home chef looking to explore these flavors. This box is available right now as a pre-order (with a 10% discount!), and will be available to ship in late August (in plenty of time for the High Holidays). 

If it's a gift, you can pair it with a Gift Letter and add a customized message (or even send us your own 1-page letter to print).


This is the August, 2020 Taste the World subscriber box.

Here's what you will receive:

  *  Wild Dill Pollen from Curio Spice Co
  *  Raw, organic apple cider vinegar from Apple State Vinegar
  *  Single-origin Sweet Pepper Paprika from Burlap and Barrel
  *  Single-origin Blue Poppy Seeds from Burlap and Barrel
  *  Single-origin, Heritage King Caraway Seeds, also from Burlap and Barrel
  *  Sharp deli mustard from Mustard & Co.
  *  Everything Matzo Chips from the Matzo Project
  *  Recipe ideas and tips and tricks to make the most of all the above ingredients.

This box is part of our Taste the World subscription. If you'd like to subscribe, you can do so and request this as your first box in your order notes if you'd prefer.

Ashkenazi food tends toward the hearty. If you can find it, an interesting Georgian red would go well with a lot of what we recommend, but you can also take these ingredients in a lot of different directions. Have fun!

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