Looking for a gift for that special food lover in your life? Get them a gift box stuffed full of tasty treats they'll actually eat (and maybe invite you over to help with, if you're lucky).

If you'd like us to include a special gift note, make sure to add a "gift note" to your purchase, and include the information in the "note" on the cart page.

And if you'd like to put together something custom based on the type of options we have, please reach out to orders@bentotable.com! We'd be delighted to help you make something memorable.

And all of our subscriptions can work as gifts, too! Just enter your recipient's info in the shipping (add a gift note if you want). Depending on how long you want to pay for, you can pause/cancel then, or you can transfer "ownership" of the subscription by shooting us a note at support@bentotable.com.

Gourmet Pantry Jumpstart
Fish Bundle (No Shellfish)
$72.99 $76.46
Starter pack: Six Varied Conservas
$92.99 $97.93
Most revelatory conservas
$78.99 $81.96
Gift Card
from $50.00
Gift letter with purchase
Easy serve bundle
$71.99 $75.94
Briney Bundle of Clams and Cockles
$97.99 $102.95
Budget-friendly starter bundle
$49.99 $53.44
Basque Paque