What to do with: Taste of Italy (Pizzaiolo) Box

What to do with: Taste of Italy (Pizzaiolo) Box

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This month we’re heading back to a long-time favorite, Italy, with a specific focus on ingredients that would do really well on pizza – but certainly no need to limit yourself!

Here's what's in the box:

  *  EVOO with Mediterranean Herbs (Le Ferre)
  *  Pastry Flour (Hayden Flour Mills)
  *  Smoked Tomato Pate (Avó)
  *  Taggiasca Olives in EVOO (Olive Vive)
  *  Organic Artichoke Spread (Delicious & Sons)
  *  Pizza Seasoning (Fior di Maiella)

EVOO with Mediterranean Herbs (Le Ferre)

EVOO with Herbs Le Ferre 

We’re big fans of Le Ferre flavored oils here – we featured their garlic oil last year, and their lemon oil is in the Gourmet Pantry Jumpstart. They start with high-quality Puglian extra virgin olive oil and infuse with beautiful flavors. This will be a perfect finishing oil to drizzle on top of your next pizza, to knead into your next focaccia, or simply to drizzle on top of roasts or pasta.

Pastry Flour (Hayden Flour Mills)

 Hayden Flour Mills Pastry Flour

While this is labeled “pastry” flour, it’s really 00 flour – the best kind for a Neapolitan-style pizza dough (though you can certainly use it for pastries, too!). This flour is Arizona-grown from White Sonora wheat, a heritage variety that long-time subscribers have seen before in other forms.

Here are a couple of recipes for pizza dough using 00 flour:

  *  Ditalia
  *  Hayden Flour Mills
  *  NYT/Roberta's (mix of 00 and AP flour)

Smoked Tomato Pate (Avó)

 Smoked tomato pate

This rich blend of smoked, sun-dried Pugliese tomatoes packs a real flavor wallop. It’s wonderful as a thin spread in lieu of a more traditional tomato sauce on pizza, or it works great as a spread on toast.

Taggiasca Olives in EVOO (Olive Vive)

Taggiasca Olives in EVOO

It’s rare to find high-quality olives already pitted, so we wanted to grab these and get ‘em right to you. Perfect for tossing on a pizza pie or into a sauce or salad, these are delicious taggiasca olives from Liguria packed in pure extra virgin olive oil.

Organic Artichoke Spread (Delicious & Sons)

Delicious and Sons Artichoke Spread

Another great topping for a pizza pie, flatbread, or toast, this paste lets you add a tasty artichoke flavor with no work at all. This spread is produced in Italy and certified organic. 

It's got an almost mayo-like consistency for spreading on sandwiches, too. Really great as an alternative.

Pizza Seasoning (Fior di Maiella)

 Pizza Seasoning

This is a brand-new product from craft producer Fior di Maiella from Abruzzo, It serves as a perfect seasoning base for a traditional pizza flavor combo. You can either use this to add to a tomato sauce or toss liberally on top of a white pie. This blend features parsley, oregano, basil, hot pepper, and garlic.

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