What to do with Ben to Table Box 1: Spain-ish delicacies + Essentials Box 1

What to do with Ben to Table Box 1: Spain-ish delicacies + Essentials Box 1

Ben @ Ben to Table

Each month, the Ben to Table Box is a collection of the best I have to offer at Ben to Table (hence the name!). It'll be a combination of both that month's Essentials Box and that month's Delicacies Box. I'm so grateful to the Ben to Table box customers who've already bought a box, and so excited to welcome future folks into the mix.

Rather than rehash everything I've written elsewhere into a single, gonzo, post, I'll instead use the Ben to Table post as a central place from which to link the relevant posts for a given month.

With that said, in your Ben to Table Box this month, you should have received:

  • Alubia Blanca beans from Rancho Gordo
  • Scarlet Runner beans from Rancho Gordo
  • Jimmy Red Grits from Geechie Boy Mill
  • Farro Piccolo from Geechie Boy Mill
  • Torchiette pasta from Community Grains
  • Harissa paste from Entube
  • Piparras, from the Basque country, which are basically the best banana peppers you've ever had
  • Ali i oli (a classic Catalan spread of oil, garlic, lemon juice, and salt), which is Spain's answer to fancy mayo
  • Pimentón picante (spicy smoked paprika)
  • Harissa spread from Villa Jerada
  • A chocolate bar from Barcelona-based premium chocolate company, Blanxart
  • A can of navajas (razor clams) from the Galician coast
  • Romesco, Spanish pesto made from tomato and nuts
  • Pimentón dulce (mild smoked paprika)

The posts to check out are:

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Have a blast cooking and experimenting with everything! And please share what you learn in the comments or by tagging @ben2table on Facebook or Instagram.


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