What to do with: April Essentials

What to do with: April Essentials

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I’m really excited about the April Essentials Box – and glad we could get some amazing flour into the mix, given how much more baking everyone is doing.

Here’s what’s in the box:

  • Pearled Farro from Maine Grains
  • Red Fife Wheat Flour from Maine Grains
  • Yellow Grits from Geechie Boy Mill
  • Christmas Lima Beans OR Ayacote Morado Beans from Rancho Gordo
  • Tagliatelle Nests from Bona Furtuna
  • Sea Salt 72% Dark Chocolate from Manoa

You can cook the Farro according to instructions in my "How to Cook: Grains" post.

The Limas and Ayacote Morados can be cooked according to my "How to Cook: Beans" post. 

And for the yellow grits, check out "How to Cook: Grits".

Read on for more!

Maine Grains Pearled Farro

Maine Grains Farro

We’ve had a similar farro once before – our original Essentials Box features farro piccolo from Geechie Boy Mill. This farro can be used quite similarly, as a heartier grain in lieu of rice in anything from fried rice to risotto to soups.

And it’s just about the perfect base for a grain bowl or salad.

Maine Grains Red Fife Wheat Flour

Red Fife Flour

Flour has been hard to come by lately, so enjoy some from Heritage Red Fife wheat, milled by Maine Grains and grown by partners.

This flour is a bit sweet and nutty, with a reddish hue and a lovely aroma with your baked goods. Use in breads, pastries, biscuits, and crusts.

If you'll be baking, here are the stats from Maine Grains:

Moisture: 13.0%
Protein: 13.6%
Falling Number: >250

Geechie Boy Mill Yellow Grits

Yellow Grits

The original stone-ground goodness from Ben to Table fave Geechie Boy Mill.

Just cook like normal stone-ground grits and enjoy soft, or leave in a pan to dry in the fridge and then fry up for cakes.

Rancho Gordo Christmas Lima/Ayacote Morado Beans

Christmas Lima Beans

The bean supply is a bit tight this month, so subscribers are getting one of two beans: Christmas Limas or Ayacote Morados.

The Limas are just about the prettiest Lima bean you’ve ever seen – all the meat you expect, but with a chestnut-like texture and nutty flavor. The Morados are also big and beefy, and get creamy with a long cook. Part of the Rancho Gordo-Xoxoc project, to support Mexican farmers growing indigenous products.

The in addition to regular uses for a big bean, the Limas are, of course, perfect for succotash. The Morados do great in more of a pot bean or refried situation.

Bona Furtuna Ancient Grain Tagliatelle

Tagliatelle Pasta

These tagliatelle nests come to us from Sicily, made with organic ancient grain durum flour, then bronze died and cut by hand.

It cooks nicely to an al dente texture (just follow instructions on the box) and goes well with a saucy ragu or tossed with bacon, eggs, cheese, and peas for a twist on carbonara.

Manoa Chocolate Sea Salt 72%

Manoa Chocolate

Manoa is a craft chocolate producer on Oahu Island. Their sea salt bar is made from 72% cacao, with salt from evaporated Molokai sea water. Just open and enjoy.


Hi Trish — I’m so sorry about this, but I just saw this comment. When you start a new subscription, you receive the first box, described on the product page: https://bentotable.com/products/essentials-box After that first month, you then enter the flow of monthly subscribers, so this month you’ll receive the May box, next month June, etc. The relevant blog post for the box you received with more info is here (though the pasta has been updated): https://bentotable.com/blogs/news/what-to-do-with-your-first-essentials-box I hope this clears it up, and my apologies again for any confusion!
Trish O'Leary
Trish O'Leary
I got the April box, but there was no chocolate in it, and I got white beans instead of the ones you describe here.I haven’t yet cooked with them.

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