Some big shifts at Ben to Table

Some big shifts at Ben to Table

Ben @ Ben to Table

Big shift coming: The subscription boxes that went out earlier this month (March, 2021) will be the last ones I send. Ben to Table will still remain open for business, but the focus will shift to:

  *  Regular offers over email (like what had previous been the monthly add-ons), which will be the main way to get new products, and where most of my energy will flow. Sign up for email in the footer to stay in the loop!
  * On the site, you'll still be able to get the one-off gifts and bundles you love, like thoughtfully curated conservas or the Gourmet Pantry Jumpstart.
  *  Custom gifts, bulk orders, and corporate gifts (including unbranded/white labeled services for anyone who wants their own brand or experience to be the focus)

Why? And what now?

Ultimately, while I enjoyed putting the boxes together each month -- and I got a tremendous amount of fulfillment from the customers who provided such positive feedback -- there just hasn't been enough growth in the subscriber base to make the numbers work.

A huge amount of the work that goes into each month is self-imposed: trying to find *just* the right set of ingredients to a) do honor and justice to whatever cuisine I'm featuring, b) come from producers I'm excited to feature, c) come to a reasonable place in cost to me, and d) come to a reasonable place in total retail value to make sense in aggregate for the box.

So, this is partly about trimming down on that -- by focusing more on a "here's some cool stuff I've vetted and got a good deal on, do you want some?" model, I'm hoping to substantially lower my overhead and ongoing labor costs (my own labor, mostly), while *also* substantially lowering the barriers to entry that many folks feel toward a subscription. 

There will still be bundles of different types for sale on the website, but my focus will turn much more fully to periodic offers sent out via email. The plan will be to send offers every few weeks (depending on what I've got!), and then do shipments every month or two, once we start to fill boxes up.

Before that, though: The fire sale. I've got a *lot* of remnant inventory. Rather than go through it 1-by-1, I'm selling mystery box bundles for $65, which will all include at least $115 worth of stuff, and likely much more. Some of it will be previous add-ons I didn't sell out of, some of it will be extra items from past subscription boxes. Either way, it's a fantastic deal for the best pantry items in the world -- get some for yourself, and order extras for friends and family!

And, one more thing: I remain really hopeful that the type of curated boxes I've been putting together can work very well as corporate gifts, as well as for virtual events or other group experiences. I've done a fair bit of that, but would love to do more if you're interested. Please get in touch if so.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. I'm enormously appreciative of the subscribers who've stayed on for so many months, and I hope you won't mind too terribly as we switch up how things work around here.

My best,



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