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A monthly subscription box for the avid home cook and food lover, Ben to Table delivers a hand-selected rotation of pantry staples and unique non-perishable delicacies right to your door. By cultivating relationships with a variety of artisans both at home and from around the world, Ben provides a cooking and eating experience unlike any other.

"I started this to enable everyone to have the best shelf-stable items in the world, in their kitchen. It's not a meal kit, it's making your kitchen better. I do everything I can to source as ethically, sustainably, and small-producer as possible. That combination is usually the hardest to find—and most delicious. I'm bringing stuff you can't find on your local shelves directly to your doorstep."
- Ben, Founder & Guy Who Wanted Better Pantry Items

Ben to Table offers three subscriptions to choose from: Essentials Box, Delicacies Box, and Ben to Table Box.

All subscribers will receive a curated selection of rare and international products paired with pantry staples sourced from the absolute best producers in the world. To ensure that you get the most out of your subscription box, Ben will chime in with easy-to-understand techniques and recommendations for what to do with each product. You'll own weeknight dinner with the family and your next dinner party.

building blocks box: 5-7 lbs of grits, grains, and pasta to form a wholesome base of any meal

Essentials Box

The Essentials Box is exactly that: an array of fundamental items around which to build a whole lot of home-cooked meals.

Each month's Essentials Box will feature heirloom grains, pastas, beans, grits, and flours from hard-to-find producers like Rancho Gordo, Geechie Boy Mill, Community Grains, and more, plus an extra little surprise each month.

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Delicacies Box

Ben's travels have taken him all over the world. From stunning navajas (razor clams) in San Sebastián to huitlacoche (aka: Mexican truffles) on a huarache in Mexico City, he's constantly had his eye on the best ingredients to bring home.

Now, Ben's bringing his favorites directly to your pantry with the monthly Delicacies box. Each month will feature 5-7 unique and delicious ingredients based on a geographic theme. First-timers will start with a "Spain-ish" box (pictured), and join the crowd in receiving the next month's loot whenever they sign up.

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Ben to Table Box

Essentials + Delicacies = You're all set.

This is the best that Ben to Table has to offer, every single month. Take a tour around the world with items from the Delicacies Box, and pair them with the best heirloom pantry staples from the Essentials Box. Not to mention a couple extra goodies courtesy of Ben himself.

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Add-ons & Gifts

The best of the ocean: to your door

If you hear "tinned seafood" and your mind goes to bland (or worse) tuna or sardines from the grocery store, you've got another thing coming.

Conserving fresh-caught seafood is truly a Mediterranean art. Something like "squid tubes, stuffed with squid tentacles, cooked and preserved in a sauce of its own ink" might not sound that great, but it's phenomenal—and what a treat to be able to simply open a can and have the best of the Mediterranean ready and waiting.

Choose from Ben's favorite preserved seafood from Spain and France—razor clams, squid in ink, octopus in oil, cockles in brine, sardines with butter and sea salt, and scallops in Galician sauce—either to ship with your subscription or as a stand-alone gift box.

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