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Ben to Table offers three subscriptions to choose from: Essentials Box, Delicacies Box, and Ben to Table Box.

Pantry Essentials: Heirloom grains, pastas, beans, grits, and flours from hard-to-find producers like Rancho Gordo, Geechie Boy Mill, Northern Farmhouse, and more.

Global Delicacies: Unique and delicious ingredients based on a geographic theme. First-timers will start with a "Spain-ish" box (pictured), and join the crowd in receiving the next month's loot whenever they sign up.

Ben to Table Box: This is the best that Ben to Table has to offer, every single month. Essentials + Delicacies = You're all set.

All subscribers will receive a curated selection of rare and international products paired with pantry staples sourced from the absolute best producers in the world. To ensure that you get the most out of your subscription box, Ben will chime in with easy-to-understand techniques and recommendations for what to do with each product. You'll own weeknight dinner with the family and your next dinner party.

Essentials Box
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Gourmet Pantry Jumpstart
Fish Bundle (No Shellfish)
$72.99 $76.46
Starter pack: Six Varied Conservas
$92.99 $97.93